SELF Platform Beta launched!

The Beta version of the SELF Platform is already available for testers and early adopters. You can check it right now at

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The Euro-FH supports the Self Project with educational support. For more information visit:

SELF Platform

SELF is an international project financed by the European Commission which has developed a platform to encourage creative cooperation and the sharing of educational materials and continuous training, paying special attention to free software and open standards. Inspired by the Wikipedia model, the SELF Platform is open to the contributions of all those who would like to bring their knowledge to it, and share this knowledge without restrictions.


The SELF Platform is a web platform for the collaborative construction, editing, remixing and translation of educational materials. It is an educator-centric production environment for learner-centric materials.

To ensure the spirit of collaboration all materials are under a free license, which can be used, reused, modified and distributed freely. Technically, SELF is a completely free software system that can be used and improved upon by the community. The SELF Platform is the result of the EC-funded SELF Project under FP6.

What is the Self Project?

This software project is akin to what Wikimedia is to Wikipedia. The users of
this software can be any educational or training institute that intends to run
an online distributed collaborative authoring and learning service.

Other Software Required:
The platform is based on Python, Zope, and GNOWSYS (the latter is a GNU
Project), and does not have any non-free software dependencies.